Why do you choose Alien VPN

Absolutely secure network protection

Alien VPN escorts your network with Using 256-bit AES encryption, tunnel separation technology and network leakage protection mechanism, all-round for you to resist the risk of virus, hackers, being tracked and information leakage.

Be free forever

Alien VPN will always provide you with multiple free lines and there will be no charge for using the free line.

Unlimited network acceleration

With Alien VPN, there is no network speed limit, no matter which server you connect to. Get the fastest network speed anywhere in the world

Servers all over the world

Alien VPN offers 20+ Global Servers across 6 continents Physical location. 200+ servers plus 70,000+ global IP addresses, so you can get acceleration at high speed and stable no matter where you are.

7*24 hour monitoring system

Provide 7*24-hour line monitoring service, monitor the availability and delay of the line at any time, and assign the optimal acceleration line to the user.


More Lines
More Location
Additional Benefits
7 Days Free Trail for Purchase
More Stable and Faster Servers

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